Drogheda, Louth, Ireland

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more about applying for TEDxDrogheda in the radio interview with one of our committee members, Seán Ó Cearrúlláin, as per 19 Sept 2017
(5:25 to 15:00)

Why is there a fee to attend TEDxDrogheda?

TEDxDrogheda is a nonprofit organization. Our event is run solely by a team of dedicated volunteers, and money collected from ticket fees is allocated back to the conference to support costs for venue, design and food at the event. Charging a fee means that TEDxDrogheda can become a more self-sufficient organization, ensuring that TEDxDrogheda programming and events can be sustained into the future and that we can continue to reach new and broader audiences.

Will there be refreshments?

The TEDxDrogheda team is working hard to provide refreshments during our “engagement breaks”. Coffee/Tea and biscuits will be included in the price of your ticket. The bar will be open at TEDxDrogheda 2017.

What’s the dress code?

No shoes, no shirt. No service! There really isn’t a dress code, except that pretty much no one wears ties at TED or TEDx events. Jeans are great and attire slightly dressier works too. Personal expressions of style are welcome and encouraged. We ask that you refrain from wearing tall hats since it might block the view of the person in front of you.

Do you have a date set for TEDxDrogheda in 2018?

Not at this time, but we’re working on it!


I would like to speak or perform at TEDxDrogheda – how can I apply?

Please apply here. Deadline for submissions: 30th September 2017.

What is TEDxDrogheda participant profile?
We aim to reach a diversified and balanced audience from a variety of fields and professions, such as: Social activists, change makers, inventors, students, entrepreneurs, hi- tech, philanthropy, science, technology, entertainment, design, education and more.

How many minutes can a TEDx talk be?

Never more than 15 minutes. (10—15 minutes)

Format: Modeled after the TED format, TEDx events are a suite of short, carefully prepared talks, demonstrations and performances on a wide range of subjects to foster learning, inspiration and wonder – and to provoke conversations that matter.

The typical presentation should be an up to 15-minute talk by a single presenter.

How do you select the speakers?

The speakers are selected by the program committee, which consist of a group of well connected people with various backgrounds. This ensures a spread in the selection and also an unbiased program. They collect all topics and ideas they want to hear more about, as well as take suggestions of names they feel can give a good presentation about something new and exciting. A shortlist of speakers is created after 1-min introduction videos are sent to the committee. In the end – usually after 1-2 months of work and meetings – a list is ready. The speakers are then invited.

How are the speakers paid?

TED does not pay its speakers, and TEDx events are expected to adhere to the same guideline. If the event has sufficient sponsorship, we are permitted and encouraged to reimburse speakers for their airfare and hotel costs (if applicable).

Who owns a TEDx video?
All TEDx videos are collaboratively shared under a Creative Commons license. Speakers are end responsible for the content of the message and material used in the talk.


Why can sponsors not speak at a TEDx events?

At all TED/TEDx events there is a clear division between sponsorship and editorial. Allowing a sponsor to speak at TEDxDrogheda will severely compromise the integrity of the event and the whole TEDx program. Allowing a sponsor to present at TEDxDrogheda will result in the cancellation of our TEDx license.

Does TED financially support TEDx events?

No. TED Conferences and TEDx do not financially support any events. All funding is self-organized.

Can TEDxDrogheda be used to make money for the organizers?

No. TEDx events may not be used to turn a profit. All proceeds from TEDxDrogheda must go back into the event production. If there are funds left over, they will be invested in the next TEDxDrogheda event.

Can TEDxDrogheda be used as a fundraiser?

No. TEDx events may not be used to raise money for any causes or charities. All money must go into direction and production costs for the TEDx event itself.

Can TEDxDrogheda accept funding for the event from its speakers?

No. TEDx events may not accept money from anyone who will be speaking on stage. If the event chooses to accept funding from a scheduled speaker that presentation must be cancelled.

Is the TEDx organizer paid?

No. The license holder of a TEDx event may not derive a salary or be paid for his or her work organizing an event. All TEDx events are organized independently and voluntarily because of an individual’s passion for “ideas worth spreading.” However, this does not apply to vendors working on an event.

Can sponsor logos appear on stage?

Organizers may only feature one or two brief slides with sponsor logos on the TEDx stage, and only during the short time when they are thanking their sponsors.

Without any permanent place for sponsor logos on the main stage, what kind of exposure do sponsors receive at the event?

We seek to be as creative as possible in exploring the spaces outside of the main stage. TEDxDrogheda will create social spaces where we can offer an experience tied to the sponsor(s). We encourage genuine interaction between sponsors and attendees outside of the theater through product demos, sponsor-hosted lunches or dinners, samples and general conversation.

How will sponsors’ logos appear?

Sponsor logos must never compete with the TEDx logo. They cannot be larger than the TEDxDrogheda logo, and they must not be placed directly next to the TEDx event logo. In general, TED asks that sponsor logos are placed/designed in a tasteful manner.

Here are a few ways sponsors’ logos may appear:

Can we sell mugs, t-shirts or posters at our event?

Yes. Sales of TEDx products are fine, as long as it during the event only, never online, or before or after the event. Sales from products go back into the event, and never to fundraise or to benefit causes.

Can we give sponsors exposure on stage?

Yes. We will thank our sponsors on stage and show their logos on brief slides at the end of the event and during breaks. During the short breaks, sponsors’ slides will be rotating on stage. However, there must not be any permanent display of a sponsor’s logo on a TEDx stage.

Can we mention sponsors during interviews on the radio or TV?

No. Sponsors should not be mentioned during press interviews. Press attention should be used to promote the event. Sponsors can be acknowledged at the event.

Can I donate as an individual?

Absolutely! Thank you for your support!