Drogheda, Louth, Ireland

Agenda for the day: 17th September 2016

09.30 Welcome MC- Orlaith Carmody

09.35 Screened TED video x 18 minutes

09.55 Outline of day

10.00 Denise Fay – Ask and you will Achieve


10.10 Emmet Humphreys – Venetian Negotiation: A template for a modern sustainable city


10.25 Bibi Baskin – Personal Wealth? It can’t be all about money


10.45  Elle Loughran – The Curious Path to Opportunity



11.30 Ted Video 2 x 18 minutes

11.50 Intro to second half

11.55 Barry James – How small business has the data edge over Big Business


12.05 Niamh Gaffney –  Challenging Change – Mental Health is Our Wealth


12.20 Tom Cooney – Difability Entrepreneurs as Creators of Future Wealth


12.40 Sharon Oughton – Seeing the Baby – The Wealth in Early Relationships and Infant Mental Health


12.50 Wrap, and all speakers on stage for photos